Thursday, March 31, 2011


*Unidentified Fiber Objects
Some of them are so old, I can't even remember what they were going to be when they grew up.

For the last few weeks I have been on a rampage to unearth and complete as many knitted beginnings as I can. Also recovering the yarn from the ones that are not ever going to amount to anything.

Why now? Loopy Yarns had a UFO party last Friday night. I didn't go -- but for the eight or nine days before the event and ever since, I've been working through dozens of projects mouldering in the bottoms of bags and plastic bins.

Tonight I made progress on a thing conceived in the 'eighties that was so pretty I never could give up on it. A couple of days ago I was working on The Thing. See that purple tweed right inside the diagonal edge? I ran out on one edge, and cannot for the life of me find what was left of the 100 grams I had when I started. In panic mode, I ordered five skeins in four shades of purple (two vintage). One of them should be close enough. Of course it is a scratchy yarn that I hate and was hoping to use it up in this thing, and now I will have way too much of it, and it is costing me a small fortune, but what the hay. Maybe I can resell the skeins least like my old one.

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