Sunday, January 28, 2007

One-End Wonder

Every ball of yarn has at least two ends, right?

I found the outside end of my center-pull ball. I dug inside for the inside end to start my swatch. No luck. Pulled out another bit. Still no luck. One more. Nope. The mess on the floor got more complicated. I thought about knitting the tangles into a piece of original fiber art, but kept looking. By the time I had that "inside" end the former ball was a tangled mess. While untangling, I contemplated the design I wanted to make with this skein.

Introducing: "Tangled Mess." It's adapted from Barbara Walker's "Wager Welt" or "All Fools' Welt" from the first Treasury, with a double loop stitch representing the tangle. I've hired a test knitter to proof the pattern, a first for me. When I have a completed sample, I'll post a photo.

No photo. The story proved more interesting than the object.