Friday, July 24, 2009

Gaia Has a Home

Gaia, one of my former alley cats, needed to be adopted. We kept her. Dad said, "It's up to Emma," and Emma loves her. Clearly she has been a pet before, and is very gentle and loving, even with strangers. She has chosen to cuddle up to Mom at every opportunity.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Painting Yarn

I worked all day yesterday hand painting a pound of worsted weight wool. I'll post better pics when it is dry. I was so eager to show it off last night I forgot to rinse it first, and did that this morning. I learned of the technique in an article by Nancy Roberts in Spin-Off Fall 2006. Turns out SHE heard of it in an article in in Threads in 1995 by Rebekah Younger. (Turns out this is Becky Younger, my sister's childhood friend.) Anyhoo, you knit up the undyed yarn on a machine, dye it, then reknit into whatever you want. It gives you long sections of color impossible to do with a 60 or 72-inch hank. I'm thinking this wants to be either a lace stole or a sideways sweater.