Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pay no attention to the blonde behind the curtain

or, Why I Have Not Posted

On October 1, I found my father on the bathroom floor where he had fallen and was too weak to stand. The paramedics took him to the ER. He had internal bleeding that was not stopping. He was on warfarin therapy and had been taking an antibiotic that (unknown to me) potentiated its effects. His blood pressure was very low and he was dehydrated. I feared it was the end. Although he survived, this was the start of a series of adventures that took all my strength and then some.

Between my Dad's medical problems and my Mom's Alzheimer's, requiring 24/7 supervision, I did not touch a needle again until just before Christmas.

Things are more stable now, with the help of some wonderful folks from the Chicago Department on Aging's homemaking services and Vitas Hospice. I get some time to knit.

I started small -- some easy socks for myself, no brain strain. This soon escalated into adapting a simple sock pattern for part machine, part hand, and adjusting my ribber to meet the needs of the tight circle. I never did learn the KISS rule.

Oh, and I am not blonde any more. Photos soon.