Friday, October 27, 2006

"My" Book is Out!!!

. . . and my Aran Tam is on the back cover!!!

Here is the correction to the Aran Tam pattern and chart as published in the book.

One-Skein Wonders: 101 yarn shop favorites / edited by Judith Durant
and Gwen Steege (Storey Publishing)

Two of my patterns, a traditional aran tam adapted for contemporary knitting, in the round, and charted, and a small beaded bag, are in this book scheduled for an October 30th launch date. My Sister's Knits recieved a bundle of 14 copies this week. Carol O let me take half of them to sell at HalloweeM. I sold one and brought the rest back to the store, where they sold out last week. It's a very pretty book with many appealing patterns.

I'm very excited and feel pleasantly famous.


Beth Doherty said...

Congrats, Carol! Does the tam stem from you fixing that one at the shop? How cool that it developed into a completed pattern of your own! Just super. I hope you are well. Take care, Beth.

boobookittyfug said...

Thanks, Beth.
Yes, it does. when I was fixing that one, I really wanted to find a pattern for it. That took a few months, and finally I found one from Yesterknits. He sent me a photocopy of an out-of-print British leaflet from a yarn company that has long since gone out of business. It used the old British needle sizes and was written out row by row and knit flat. Then I spent a few more months searching for a source of authentic Irish 3-ply "Bainin." I did not know until I found it that "Bainin" is the name of the natural off-white color. I knit my sample in the round from the top of the band up after charting the cables. My version of the pattern is in American English with contemporary US needle sizes, and my original chart to supplement the row-by-row directions. The cables themselves, however, are unchanged from the 50+ year old pattern.