Friday, June 16, 2006

The Saurel Jean Memorial Frogging

Saurel, our beloved friend and protector, died in his sleep Wednesday morning. No he was not a German Shepherd. He was our co-op's doorman, and part of this very odd family we have here in this building. Helpless and needing to take some action, I finally frogged that stupid never-ending Pi shawl.

I love you, Saurel. I hope you are somewhere where all the cars are clean and all the people are polite.


roxie said...

So how is the shawl going now?

Thanks for the response to my comment on Stephanie's blog. I used to work at Pendleton Woolen Mills (as a sample handweaver in the fabric design department) and one day the maintenance guys went around framing smudged sections of the white wall with tape, then painting over the smudges. So I posted a rview nxt to one of those framed pieces of whiteness goingin on at length how it expressed the artistis alienation and angst over man's inhumanity to man. the company prez happened by, read it, and laughed till he nearly wet his pants, took it off the wall, and carried it away with him. Later, my boss (the bitch goddess) called me on the carpet for taping personal opinions on the wall. It's so nice to be retired!

AnJaka said...

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